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Finding good music for parents, erm, I mean kids

A friend once told me a story about something her husband said at their first baby shower. After opening a big pile of gifts and looking over the dozens of sleepers and one-sies and t-shirts covered in ducks and bears and all things baby, he exclaimed in disgust “you know, this stuff is just so infantile”. She explained that they were, in fact, expecting an infant, but I really appreciate the sentiment behind his statement. Don’t get me wrong, my Boo has her share of stuffed lambs and duck-printed footy pjs, and her room is painted a pastel green, but along the way I drew a line in the sand, and I will not accept that music for kids needs to be so saccharine that it makes your teeth hurt.

Like so many other activities, music should be a family affair. I want to be able to enjoy the long drive to see Boo’s grandparents and have all of us sing along to something in the CD player. But like my quest to find fun, non-toxic, environmentally friendly wooden toys, it’s not an easy one, so I thought it would be nice to share with other parents the diamonds in the rough and give them hope that there’s more out there than the Doodle Bops.

So here is a blog documenting my journey to find good music for parents kids. Please feel free to send me your own suggestions for great music.


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