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The Boogers

Ok, NOW we’re talking. As if their name isn’t fabulous enough, this is the Ramones meets Mother Goose. the_boogersNo seriously…while touring and playing bass with Chicago-based punk bands in the 80s and 90s, Paul Crowe (aka Crusty Booger) actually played bass with Dee Dee Ramone (& the Chinese Dragons) and Marky Ramone (& the Intruders). A PhD in Developmental Psych and 3 kids later, he created The Boogers – a kid-friendly punk band that completely rocks \m/

While the Ramones aren’t every parent’s style, this is completely kid-friendly music. It’s a combo of covers/interpretations of traditional kids’ music (“The Wheels on the Bus”) and original tunes (“This Song’s About Transportation!”). Some songs are clearly tributes to the Ramones (“ABC”), while other songs like “Peanut Butter and Jelly” are more in line with, say, The Dead Milkmen. No matter what, you can’t help but dance when you hear it. The Boogers apparently spend their time playing venues like Children’s museums and birthday parties.  I think they’re the kind of dads you want to have on Careers Day. and CD Baby can barely keep their 2008 “Road to Rock” album in stock.

Check out this video of them playing “Mary” to see what kids think about these guys…


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Rockabye Baby!

9600_100x100Why bore your boo with Bach and Brahms when you can rawk the cradle with the Rolling Stones and Radiohead? It’s never to early to teach your baby to fight the man with the Ramones, or to angst with the charming brit boys of Coldplay.

For those of you who aren’t ready to make the leap to playing Nine Inch Nails for your little boo, or for those of you that want something familiar but a little more chilled to play during naptime, this is a collection of albums for you.

9611_100x100 Rockabye Baby! a set of instrumental albums that cover the greatest hits of classic rock, pop and punk bands. There’s just something fabulous about having your boo fall asleep to a soft, lullabye interpretation of “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” (a song I often find myself humming as I’m changing Boo’s diaper). 

9620_lrg_100x100 The music is digitally produced bells and vibes with no vocals, which make it great background music for your boo as she/he winds down. Although, it’s too bad they didn’t go an extra step and use some real instruments. There’s not a whole lot to them, so this post is a short one. I’ll just end with a list of albums that are out there…there really is something for everyone (oh Joey Ramone…when did you sell


Led Zepplin
Pink Floyd
The Beach Boys
The Cure
Queens of the Stone Age
The Eagles
The Ramones
Nine Inch Nails
Smashing Pumpkins
The Beatles
Bob Marley
Green Day
The Rolling Stones
The Pixies

You can get these albums at, and the Rockabye Baby! website. Thanks to Michelle R.B. and Nora S. for the recommendation!

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